Why is Responsiveness so Important for Websites?

Responsive design is the next big thing in the technology-driven market. You might be wondering what responsiveness means? You might also be confused as to whether or not your website should incorporate responsive design? Right?

Can you imagine a shrunken version of any website on your Smartphone? Sounds pathetic right? 
Responsive design can assist you in solving a lot of problems related to your website. It will help you make your website mobile-friendly, improve its’ looks on phones with both large and small screens, and visibly increase the amount of time that visitors spend on your website. This entire process will help you to improve the rankings in search engines.

What exactly is a website with responsive design?

A site with responsive web design is a one that’s able to adapt itself to the screen it is being used on, without regard to the device it is being used on (small or large screens). A responsive website automatically reformats itself to give its users a better visible experience as per their device. It can offer your website a number of benefits along being in line with Google recommendations.

Google’s Recommendations

Google bought some recommendations in 2015, related to responsive web design. It began to reward the websites that were fully optimized for mobile platforms. Google shifted to use mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal in search results. Since then, companies began to take notice of the importance of responsiveness. After that announcement, Google moved on to even more significant heights. 

More recently, Google has started to implement mobile-first indexing. These base rankings and indexing from the mobile version of a website, instead of the desktop version. This indeed is the most recent effort by Google to improvise mobile web experience. Still not convinced?

According to a report by Ofcom released in 2015, 22% of people turned to their phones first for browsing the internet. This clearly shows a real surge in mobile usage. The introduction of 4G has also influenced how people use their mobile devices. Over the course of 2014, 4G subscriptions increased drastically from 2.7 million to 23.6 million. Earlier, it was reported that two-thirds of people had a Smartphone, 33% of internet users admitted that Smartphone was the most important device for web surfing. They spend twice as long on the Smartphone than a laptop or personal computer.

Importance of Responsive Web Design: 

  • Increase the reach to customers and clients on smaller or medium size devices (tablets & Smartphones). 
  • A unique experience that can increase lead generation process, sales, profits, and conversions. 
  • Analytics, tracking, and reporting all can be done in one place at the same time. 
  • Time and cost of on-site content management are decreased. 
  • Stay ahead of the competitors in the market.

    Benefits of Responsive Web Design

    There are many benefits of responsive websites that have made it a key for business websites for becoming successful. Read more to know the reasons:

    Convert website visitors into customers instantly

    Since the responsive websites are adaptive to the user screen size they impact conversion rates. For instance, if you’re reading an article on a Smartphone, it is adaptive to your screen size. But if you are looking forward to reading the same article on the desktop or any other wider screen, it will show in larger screen space. But if this website is not responsive you will have to scroll horizontally in your phone, to read a half-hidden line.

    Thereby when the users visit your website and get a great customer experience then they are likely to buy, like, share, or alike conversion that you would want for your website.

    Website visitors/customer satisfaction

    Customers are vital to any business and customer satisfaction is a key to a successful business. Even if it’s challenging to satisfy people, any business can’t ignore its value. The process of good customer service or customer satisfaction starts right from the time the customer clicks first on the website or on a search engine and ends with the after-sales services. During this course, customers don’t’ want or have time to reload the page due to the servers. The server often gets down because it gets more requests from the website to handle. It gets stuck in between satisfying other website visitors. In this way, the website goes down, and the selling process becomes slower. This results in blocking the customer satisfaction process that any website owner and company never want.

    Efficiency and cost-effectiveness

    Starting and running an SEO campaign becomes much simpler and smoother with a mobile-friendly website. Running cost is also less for responsive websites because a single version of the website is sufficient to serve a different variety of users (some prefer working on larger screens whereas some like to surf on smaller screens like tablets and Smartphones).

    Improve Brand Reputation

    Brand reputation is what every business strives for. It is the most useful intangible asset for any business, organization, product, or website. The higher the brand reputation, the higher will be sales and profits. The website responsiveness increases the scope of user experience thus creating a positive impact on your brand and the company. The correct user experience makes them visit your website again and again in the future and thus helps in increasing sales and turnover.

    Improve Search Engine Ranking

    As already discussed above that Google officially had declared that responsive layout is a key ranking factor in their search results. Keeping SEO perspective in mind, it is an important factor for any website; it will always be better to have a responsive website.

    In the digital age, it has become imperative to have a responsive website for any online business because you never know how your users are using your website.
    Mobile responsiveness means delivering the same content to your users and customers in the way they prefer (smaller or larger screens).
    If your website isn’t user-friendly, it’s high time to decide and bring a change to your website!
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