The Internet is undoubtedly one of the most miraculous inventions of the modern-day world which is continually bestowing us with amazing favours as every day passes by. It has helped reduce distances among people across the world that are now able to interact more no matter at what corner of the world they are sitting at. 

Apart from this, it has helped us gain immense knowledge of every single thing in the world and that is just so amazing to feel. However, unfortunately, people these days are not using the internet for the right purposes and to them, the internet is only about social media which is wrong as there is so much more than the internet can offer only if it is used to its optimum potential. We know how lazy one can get when it comes to searching for other alternatives and so to make it easy for you, we are here with a set of 10 outstanding websites other than social media that will definitely make your life even better and will help eliminate all the toxicity social media has been adding in your life.


For all the people who love cooking and find it therapeutic whenever they are said, from our end we suggest you check out which is a wonderful platform offering different recipes of cuisines from all over the world providing you with a helping hand while you cook some delicious dishes for you and your dearest ones. With pictures and detailed descriptions, every recipe is made easy and clear for you to understand!


Digital Photography School is an online place for all the people passionate about pursuing photography as their major career. This website has all that you would find in a practical photography school and offers the best of knowledge and tutorials in this field to help you grow better and excel at producing beautiful images of sharp and fine quality. 


There definitely comes a time in life when seeing all those celebrities we start understating ourselves and it seems to us as if we an absolute nobody. When you feel like that, open TED and shun all your doubts as this is the best place to ease your tension. With casual and inspiring conversations of the biggest names of the world, this platform will help you be more dedicated to your dreams. 


It is always healthy to ask questions especially when you have Quora to answer them with the world’s renowned specialists and also general people sharing your opinion. No matter how easy or dumb your question is, the team of quora will cater it like an important one and your queries will be solved with the most reliable answers. 


The best way to make your free time productive is to learn different languages as it makes it super easy for you to converse with people and get your tasks easily done. To be your saviour in this regard, we suggest you check out Duolingo which is one of the most trustworthy places for you to visit with regards to learning languages. With the professionals of this field and with easy learning tactics, this platform will help you learn your respective language in a limited time and we bet that you will acquire command over it like the natives of the language. 


We all have been forced to go into depression and have anxiety attacks because of those fake and fabricated horoscopes we have been used to of seeing on our social media. A better alternative to all such queries on the internet is definitely Psychology Today which has onboard some of the finest psychologists there to deal with your problems and issues in the best of ways satisfying you to your fullest. 


We often get attacked with questions of how to perform a certain task and when we know of wikiHow there is nothing to panic about as this is one of the best websites on the internet having wonderful tutorials, descriptions and videos regarding how to perform an XYZ task. From basic questions such as how to wash your hands to complicated ones such as how to stitch fabric, each one of your queries is fantastically solved with amazing answers. 


During these times while you are at home in quarantine, the best way to pass your time and make it productive is to learn some fine courses and polish your skills. In this regard, your go-to should definitely be Coursera which offers a huge number of online courses that can be successfully completed via home works, healthy discussions and tutorials. In limited time with these courses, you are able to acquire great knowledge and excel at what you can do with finesse. 


When you are provided with a facility while you are sitting at your home, what is even the need of going out and wasting time in stores? Hollywood Leather Jackets is an e-commerce platform where you will find brilliant quality outfits inspired from different Hollywood movies, videogames and TV shows. A wide range of Leather Jackets that include Black Leather Jacket and jackets of other colours, one of their best sellers these days is iconic which you should also check out to find out how good they are at what they are producing. 


As another choice, you can also visit Movies Jackets which is another fine online shopping space offering a wide range of wonderful quality outfits Captain America Jacket that is crafted out of premium quality materials under the supervision of skilled people and is inspired from the movies premiered across the globe. It is an outstanding place for movie freaks so if you are one, don’t forget to check them out. 

In conclusion, only if we are willing to, there is so much to explore on the internet. We have just mentioned the top 10 websites but there are countless other amazing places you can visit apart from those social media sites. While you are being social also keep yourself informed and updated via these amazing websites. 

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