How to get a Lawyer?

Across the country, programs have been set up to help people in need of legal assistance get the services of a lawyer for free. There are clear criteria that must be met to obtain legal services without obligation to pay. These are some of the general conditions that need to be met to get help from a lawyer offering free legal assistance.

One of the first things to do is to identify programs that provide this type of legal assistance. There are several ways to check available programs in your area. Online you can check the website of the local chapter of the legal or legal association. There will often be a section on legal aid that includes a list of attorneys participating in programs operating in different parts of the state. Finding your city and seeing which programs or lawyers offer free legal assistance gives you a list of people you can contact.

Second, you can also check the lists of attorneys providing free legal assistance to your local court. These lists are generally free, so you can pick one and start making some calls or staying at the listed offices. Usually, someone in the office can give you the basic skills you need to fulfill and can even apply for the program.

Often, as part of qualifying for a lawyer’s services, you must be able to demonstrate your needs. This means giving details of how much you earn, perhaps by submitting a new stub. If you have outstanding debt, you can document the current status of these accounts. You will also be able to state what you need to pay in terms of rent or household fees, estimates of food and utilities and all other regular expenses to be paid from your net salary. The point is to make sure that the people who really need the help process quickly and get the support they need and the people who can actually pay but do not want will not participate in the programs.

As part of the process of obtaining assistance from a lawyer, you must complete an application form to accompany the documentation required by the program. From there, you will be interviewed, often at least twice. The first call is usually held when the request is sent while the second takes place after checking the information sent. At that point, you generally learn whether or not you have been approved in the program.

Tips for Finding Legal Assistance

When you really need legal help and there is nowhere else to go, try legal help. I've been working for Legal Aid Translation in Oregon for seven years; I know what I'm talking about. And I can't stand it. In our country, having no money can mean you have no rights. No matter what some people have to say, it's always been that way. Without legal aid, the poor would have no one to approach when they have some sort of legal problem. Of course, there is a free legal criminal representation, but it is not good enough. What should the poor do when, for example, the bank takes over their home? In this case, the state does not offer free civil representation. Imagine what a disaster it would have been if there was no legal help.

I once worked as a business lawyer, so I saw both sides. So I worked for a large rental agency, and on many occasions, I helped them move clients out so they could develop their properties and get higher rental rates. I realize that my job has not been fair and therefore I am not proud of my actions. However, my life was heading in the right direction when I began working for legal aid in Oregon. Finally, I could look in the mirror again, I was no longer ashamed of my work, on the contrary, I am proud of myself for doing the right thing: helping the poor.

I do not want you to leave the false impression of being against the legal representative of the rich. I think everyone deserves representation, both rich and poor. But to say the least, the current situation seems unfair enough. In the event that the poor cannot find legal help, they are left alone. Even when assisted by the Legal Aid Service, the poor remain trapped in a group of lawyers with limited resources and time. The poor may have a chance, but it would not be a good fight in court with the major legal criminals on the other side.

What this country needs to do to solve the problem of injustice is to ensure equal legal representation for all citizens. Until my dream comes true, I will be here working at Oregon Legal Assistance Services and doing my best to help those in need who need it as soon as possible?
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